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Munster Tint is a Vehicle Customisation Solution company based in Douglas, Cork. We Specialise in customising automotive vehicles, providing services such as Window Tints, Vinyl Wraps & more. Car tint cork, car wrap cork, window tint cork, car customisation cork.


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Munster Tint is a Vehicle Customisation Solution company based in Douglas, Cork. We Specialise in customising automotive vehicles, providing services such as Window Tints, Vinyl Wraps & more.

I Leonard Vance established Munster Tint in 2011 where I successfully built a huge customer base in Co. Tipperary. In June 2017 I expanded the business and opened a bigger premises located in Donnybrook, Douglas in Cork where our state of the art workshop is currently located.

Our services

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We offer high quality vehicle customisation solutions ranging from privacy glass to full colour change vinyl wraps. A full list of our services can be found on our services page.

What we do

Our services


Enhances the look of your vehicle.
Adds comfort & privacy to the inside of your vehicle.
Blocks & protects from harmful UV rays.
Provides heat reduction with anti-glare properties.
Five shades to choose from, 20% 30%, 50%, 70% or 90% for your desired look and level of protection.
Lifetime guarantee.


A highly durable adhesive film used to protect your vehicles paintwork from scratches and fading.
Perfect for changing the appearance of your vehicle in a subtle or dramatic way.
Excellent affordable alternative to a paint job and completely reversible.
100's of colours to choose from.

de chrome

• Enhances the look of your vehicle whilst adding protection against fading, corrosion & scratches.


Enhances the look of your vehicle




Pricing options that fit your budget and goals

Front End PPF Deposit
Front End PPF Deposit
€ 500.00 EUR

Non refundable

Bronze Rear Tint
Bronze Rear Tint
€ 210.00 EUR
1.5 hours approx

Bronze Tinted film applied to the rear windows of the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration
€ 50.00 EUR

Bring those headlights back to life and repair sun damage or other blemishes.

5 star google reviews

What our customers say

So friendly and professional to deal with. Couldn't be happier with what they done, black roof, chameleon windscreen and tinted lights. Looks like it was made that way! The lads are full of information and so efficient at what they do. Cant wait to go back to get more done!

Ryan Bergin

Leonard, Chris & the team are brilliant to work with & their work is top quality. I got my brake callipers painted but also had a stubborn bird stain removed by the guys (I tried unsuccessfully myself a number of times). I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to get detailing work done to their car.

Aidan Moloney

Sound bunch of lads. Went to get side skirts and mirror caps wrapped on one car. Week later got front tints on a another car. Professional throughout the job. The little details that make this company is the reminder messages of your appointments and the thank you messages after.
** Highly recommend**

Sean Keane

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Need a quote or want to discuss your customisation in person? Come visit our unit.

Munster Tint

Unit A4,
Donnybrook Commercial Centre,
Donnybrook, Cork,
T12 XEW7


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